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METRIS Publications

  • “Taking the Pulse of the Ports: Duration of Truck Visits to Marine Terminals.” PierPASS Inc and Ability/TriModal Transportation Services Inc. Final Report, 2011.

METRIS data were analyzed to determine queue time, terminal time and visit time at the San Pedro Bay ports (Los Angeles) from May to October 2010. The study was commissioned by PierPASS Inc on behalf of Ability/TriModal Transportation Services Inc, the Truck Turn Time Stakeholders Group, and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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  • “METRIS: Metropolitan Transportation Information System: Applying Space Based Technologies for Freight Congestion Mitigation.” USDOT Final Report, 2010.

This was the first deployment of METRIS, in the Los Angeles basin, in 2007-2010. In addition to data analyses, the report presents two optimization models. One proposes the establishment of Empty Storage Yards (ESYs) to reduce the transport of empty containers, projecting savings of 50 tons of CO2 per day. The other measures the benefits of synchronization between terminal operations and arriving trucks.

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